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Changes in XP
Service Pack 2 that affect download behavior in Internet

Windows XP Service Pack 2 introduces several important
security enhancements that are designed to protect you
from malicious sites, viruses, email worms and more.
As part of these features, it introduces an enhanced
download control for Internet Explorer, that is designed
to protect novice users from automatic download prompts.
We at Snapfiles have always used an automatic download
prompt for our download pages, which causes the download
dialog to appear without the need for an additional
click. This feature is directly affected by the SP2,
and instead of the download prompt, you will see a notice
in the new IE information bar, which requires you to
click before the download will start.

You can either accept this small inconvenience and click
the Information bar every time to start a download (or
use the “click here” link that we provide), or you can
disable this feature in Internet Explorer.

You can disable this new feature

There are
2 ways to turn this behavior off. If you only occasionally
download software or are a novice user, we recommend
to leave this feature ON, as it can prevent malicious
web sites from popping up download prompts (that you’ve
never asked for), and prevents accepting of downloads
by accident.

Option 1:

Enable automatic download prompts in Internet Explorer
(Disabled by default)

This will turn off this feature completely and file
downloads will occur the same way as they always did.
Go to Internet Explorer -> Tools –> Internet Settings.
Please see the screenshots below for instructions.

Option 2:

Add and/or
to your list of trusted sites.

This will override security settings for the specified
sites only. It will also impact other security settings,
not only download behavior.