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Learn the basics of SEO with this intuitive modern video.

We just got this new video on the basics of SEO from Web Host Pro. Professionals and beginners a like will be able to lock down the fundamentals for SEO. This video covers SEO linking, rules, safety, and targeting.


Earlier in 2006, Rootkit Hunter initiator and developer Michael Boelen agreed to hand over development. Since that time eight people have been working to set up the project properly and work towards the much needed maintenance release. rkhunter-1.4.2.tar ROOTKIT HUNTER…

Sage Thumbs get thumbs for Photoshop on windows.

I can’t even start how excited about this free download. How Windows doesn’t allow thumbnails for Photoshop psd files in 2013 blows my mind. I don’t know if it’s Windows or Adobe that is being a pain but now it…

Zzip free compression and Zip software for Windows.

Download 7zip here It’s easy for Windows users to forget that WinZip isn’t the only file-compression utility in the world. Like its better-known competitors, the free 7-Zip unpacks a host of archive formats, including ZIP, TAR, GZ, and its own…